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Present Ideas Guide For Different Personality Types – The Wardrobe Stylist

Shoppers are shifting their shopping habits online shifting traditional present ideas. Leanplum, a multi-channel engagement platform, found out the following about U.S. shopping habits online and on mobile devices:

  • 77% of Gen Zs shop online compared to 70% of Millennials, 58% of Gen Xs and 45% of Baby Boomers
  • 88% of respondents that make $150,000+ annually, report that they’re most excited to receive push notifications from retailers regarding sales Save 55% OFF Site Wide, Use Code: GOLDS55

Another survey by Staples Canada revealed that 68% of consumers find it difficult to find the right gift for their family members. While 45% have a challenging time finding present ideas for their friends.


Present Ideas

Don’t we all! Finding the right gift is a common stressors among all shoppers. That’s why I’ve previously written about gift ideas for guys you can’t go wrong with and now providing you with some easy solutions to get inspired from for the different personality types in your life.

Here are some common personalities that you may have on your list.


This is the person in your life who has a small business, a gig on the side, and always striving for the next big adventure.

Clover bags have the smartest motion-sensing light, removable inner compartment, other great organizational tools and accessories for today’s super woman. With two types of leather, twelve models and 14 colours, catch them now on Kickstarter before the price goes back up.

It combines German functionality with century-long Italian leather traditions. As women, we carry our bags non-stop. That’s why Kateryna Panchenko launched her Clover bags to simplify life of a busy woman. Each bag has useful add-on compartments. Each bag is personally handcrafted to ensure demonstrably excellent quality.
Clover Koser bag in sand

The distinctive features of Clover bags include:

  • Inner compartment bag to transfer items from one bag to another in just a few seconds
  • Wireless light works from the motion sensor to light up your bag
  • Complimentary accessories includes: a matching wallet, key, headphone and a bottle holders
  • Opt for branded steel pens, table bag holders, cosmetic bags, sunglasses cases and more

Each Clover bag comes beautifully wrapped as a gift and worldwide free shipping.

Gry Mattr Essential Oil Diffuser covers a space of 200-400 square feet with automatic shut-off after 3-5 hours. It’s an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that doubles as a mood light.

The General Supply Goods + Co. Traveller Flask comes with a vegan leather handle and strap for easy portability. The lid doubles as a drinking cup and the strap is also removable. It’s perfect for hot or cold beverages and is vacuum insulated.

Artsy Crafter

This is the creative DIYer who loves to doodle and make their own gifts.

Splash Wood/Fabric Letter Board sits nicely on an easily and allows those with a creative min to express their thoughts.

The perfect gift for the cheese aficionado, the Kikkerland Cut and Serve Bamboo Cheese Board Set is made from eco-friendly bamboo and includes serving board and 3 bamboo cheese knives.

Those with an eye for design will enjoy this hybrid jacket from Size Up. Thanks to its mixed fabric design, it gives the artistic minds a way to express their individuality. The distressed denim  is layered with long sleeves and hood made of breathable fabric. Get 15% when you sign up to their newsletter.

SizeUp denim and cotton hoodie jacket

Pen Lover

For the person who favours the personal touch of the written letter and prefers taking handwritten notes. Making notebooks look pretty using different colours, pens and all types of sticky notes.

The Zebra Mildliner 5-Colour Set features a unique water-based ink technology that delivers smooth ink and muted colours to make highlighting easy. The chisel tip provides flexibility so you can highlight, or mark to your heart’s content. Bullet tip allows for underlining, circling, and writing notes. The ink is water resistant and translucent making it excellent for layering. They also don’t bleed through.

The Poppin Mini Medley Soft Cover Notebooks are just the right size to fit in your pocket or purse. Each notebook contains 64 ruled pages and the lines match the colour of the notebook cover.

Zebra Mildliner 5-colour set

Tech Enthusiast

They are obsessed with always having the latest in tech innovation, staying connected and having the “smartest” home/office set up.

Ekster recently released the world’s first voice-activated trackable wallet. You can check your wallet’s whereabouts on your phone, or with Alexa, Siri or Google Home:

  • Credit card-sized tracker is solar-powered
  • When misplaced, you can ring your wallet from your phone and vice-versa
  • Signature pop-up card feature to ensure easy access to your cards at all times
  • RFID protection, keeping them safe from the growing risk of skimming and identity theft

Elevate your TV viewing experience with Google Chromecast, 3rd Generation. Start streaming content directly from your Android or iOS device. The sleek stylish Google Chromecast simply plugs into your TV’s HDMI port allowing you to play, pause and control functions directly from your device. It can mirror your laptop or phone screen on your TV to surf the web or watch your favourite show.

Google Chromecast

Who doesn’t love a Splash Mini USB Salt Lamp? The LED light changes colour and you can plug it in with USB cable.

Another idea for the tech enthusiast would be something that requires a little leg work, a bit of chance and some dedication. You can enter the Christmas Giveaway Spectacular. It’s a series of 16 giveaways in December with $5,000+ in prizes. Prizes include some of the hottest gifts for home in 2019:

  • iRobot i7 robot vacuum ($700 value)
  • Molekule Air purifier ($800 value)
  • Roborock S6 robot vacuum ($650 value)
  • Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier ($600 value)

Entering the giveaways is free and just takes a few moments. You can find the full list of giveaways here.


The person who appreciates a personal gift more than anything else. Personalized photo mugs and calendars will act as a continued reminder of their loved ones. This can also go beyond loved ones to loved times.

Turn your favourite memory into a work of art with a canvas print. Maybe you’d like to customize a mug, fleece blanket or puzzle with a photo to create a one-of-a-kind and memorable gift. You may even want to create a memory that you and the recipient can cherish all year round with a customized calendar.

Maybe it’s not a customized item they want, perhaps just something letting them know you were thinking about them. If they like to work out, especially outside, getting them a comfortable breathable pair of workout leggings is a good option. These almost feel like PJ pants on. So they will be very thankful of you every time they’ll put them on.

Size up soft exercise pants


It’s the one person you know that seeks adventure and wants to excursions in comfort. SizeUp can help you in that matter with their practical pieces. A Camo t-shirt that’s perfect for the guy that wants to explore without having to worry about his t-shirt lasting him the whole excursion.

Size up long army print t-shirt_styled

Or are you looking for present ideas for that girl climbing trails, mountains or monkey bars? Give her a pair she can easily breath, move and store things in. These joggers contain mesh insertions to allow for ventilation . Pocket change, keys and cards can easily fit in the deep and zipped pockets.Size up black joggers with pockets Save 55% OFF Site Wide, Use Code: GOLDS55


The Gist of it

This year is more about understanding who each person is and basing the gift on that. There are plenty of present ideas to get inspired from that are totally practical for the receiver. This guide was created to spark thoughtful present ideas for a unique and personalized gift.

What personality types are you shopping for?
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