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How to Boost Your Eyelashes in 3 Simple Steps_Pin

How to Boost Your Eyelashes in 3 Simple Steps – The Wardrobe Stylist

There are so many products on the market promising big results when it comes to growing back years of damage to eyelashes. You probably didn’t know it but heavy eye makeup, lash extensions, and aging all contribute to eyelashes damage. While I do want to look my best and turn back the clock on the years of abuse my lashes have taken, many products on the market are simply out of my reach. Outrageous price points, false promises and unknown effects aren’t something I want to take a chance on.

How to Boost Your Eyelashes in 3 Simple Steps_Pin


Eyelashes Boost

I’ve tried some lash growth hacks but always on the lookout for new things. A girlfriend of mine mentioned the benefits she experienced from using Younique Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum. She loved it so much she was now selling it. It piques my interest of course. After using the product for 4 weeks, I feel like my eyelashes have grown longer since using the serum. I couldn’t believe how easy, affordable and real the results were.

The Ritual

The steps are a breeze but you have to be consistent to achieve results. Repeat for a period of 4 weeks and you will notice the difference!


Like I said, this is really easy to use, but you have to know that it isn’t the conventional way you apply mascara

  1. I use my Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum both in the morning before my daily makeup routine and before bedtime. I usually apply it after cleansing and using other skincare products to prep my face for sleep. The product comes in a sleek tube that looks like mascara and even comes with a wand that coats the lashes like a traditional mascara wand.
  2. Instead of starting the product at the root of your lashes it’s best to begin in the middle of the lash. You work your way towards the tips, focusing mostly on the ends of the lashes.
  3. Then, I work my way to my bottom lashes, fanning out the product gently on the underside of my lashes. Another best practice is to put the lash serum on the opposite side of where you would normally apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Save 55% OFF Site wide with the code GOLDS55


Not only is it great for lashes, but it turns out eyebrows can benefit as well. I’ve always had thick brows and very proud of it. Like with everything else, aging does it’s unwanted magic on that as well. Knowing that I can apply this to my eyebrows to achieve a more natural, youthful look is incredible:

  1. To apply with maximum results, I go in with the brush from the serum against the follicle of my brows, so that I can make sure every strand of hair gets covered.
  2. Then I go back in the other direction, just to make sure to coat one more time and smooth everything back out.
  3. Let it dry and you’re ready to go.

Even Longer Lashes

My lashes have reached levels of length and volume that I honestly thought was impossible in the last few weeks. However, after pairing my new, natural beauty with Younique’s Moodstruck Epic 4D mascara, I was stunned. I really enjoyed how the two products worked together to bring out the length and attitude in my lashes. As far as the mascara goes, there was no clumpiness, drying, flaking, or running. The two-sided brush helps to interlock fibers for crazy lift in the lashes. After using the Moodstruck Serum, I don’t always need mascara, but it’s great to combine them especially if you have a glam event. I like that it’s making my natural lashes appear so much thicker and longer.
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Woman's eyelashes with mascara


The Gist of it

Reinvigorating your eyelashes doesn’t have to cost a lot or be a tedious project. Using a product like the Younique serum and mascara really helps to revive them. Being consistent in its application will render results others will notice. You will find that these products are worth every single penny.

What are your eyelash growth tricks?

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