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6 Discount Online Shopping Mistakes to Avoid_Pin

6 Discount Online Shopping Mistakes to Avoid – The Wardrobe Stylist

Keeping up with fashion trends can be a daunting task if you don’t find good deals. You can stay right on trend without having to break the bank. If you learn the intricacies of it you can avoid discount online shopping mistakes.

6 Discount Online Shopping Mistakes to Avoid_Pin


Discount Online Shopping Tips

Before you head out to shop, take time to got through some of the tips. Skip over these costly discount online shopping mistakes that so you don’t regret your purchase.

Choosing The Label Over Fit

It would help if you didn’t buy every designer piece that was on discount. Make sure that the style and fit work for you. There are certain online shopping hacks that help you find pieces that fit without trying them on. Many shoppers buy online on impulse because some women’s boutique tops look flashy or expensive. Don’t ignore the fact that each designer top fits differently. Consider the shape of your body, your favourite style, and size of the top before spending your money.

Ignoring The Care Instructions

It’s not worth buying a ‘dry-clean only’ women’s top if you aren’t willing to pay for cleaning services. You need to wash most clothes every time you wear them, so they might be expensive to keep if they require compulsory dry cleaning services.

Washing care label inside garment


If you accidentally run a ‘dry-clean only’ top through the wash, you can permanently ruin it. Stay safe by checking the care label before you invest in a new piece. You can also consider hand washing some of those pieces, but again you have to be careful, especially if they contain embroidery, sequins or beading.

Regular Replacement of Staple Pieces

When it comes to buying women’s boutique tops, quality over quantity is the policy. How do you maintain your top? How long does it last? You get the most value when you invest in high-quality staple pieces.

If you continuously get little tears in your best top when you wash it, you need to upgrade. It might cost you more, but you will look stylish, confident, and comfortable. In the long run, it will cost you less since you don’t have to replace as often.

Fake Promotion Traps

Yup! We’v all been victims to them. Suppose you see that the price of a trendy top is slashed by 50%. It sounds like a great deal, right? Don’t jump to conclusion so fast. Some shops hike up the original price to make deals look juicier. That may be to no surprise to you, but we can easily forget that we’re being fooled.

Clothes sale, discount online shopping


Take your time to do some research to know the actual price or compare it with what other online stores are charging. This way, you’ll know whether the bargain is worth your hard-earned cash.

Throwing out Your Receipts

You’ve made this mistake countless times, but it’s time to change. Keep your receipts for as long as the online store allows returns. If you’re buying online, receipts are usually emailed. Make a folder in your inbox and funnel them there. If you aren’t 100% sure about the piece you’ve picked, you can easily retrieve the receipt. Having it makes it easier to get replacements when the item has gone on clearance since you bought it.

Also, receipts are necessary if the boutique offers price adjustments. If you bought a piece at full price, but you see it among the promotions a day later, you can return the receipt and get a refund of the difference. Several shops honour that policy. What a great way of saving money on clothes.

Not Following Online Store

Most stores text or email coupons to their customers if they sign up for promotional emails. With a simple sign up, you can learn about exclusive sales and collect coupons that will save you a lot of money.

Discount online shopping special sale, promo deals


If you don’t like receiving such alerts, you shouldn’t give up. You can set up a new email address and use it for purchases, promos, and deals. Don’t want to deal with multiple email addresses? No problem. Email providers such as Google allow you to have a Promotions tab where all promo emails go into. From time to time, you can check it and see what came in without having distract your main inbox.

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The Gist of it

You now understand your weaknesses. Follow the above tips to make the right decision. Also, remember to buy your women’s boutique tops from a trustworthy online store.

What discount online shopping tricks do you have?

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