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5 Gift Ideas For Men to Surprise Him With_Pin

5 Gift Ideas For Men to Surprise Him With – The Wardrobe Stylist

If this is this first birthday to spend with your special someone or Valentine’s Day, you want to impress him with your creative gift-giving, right? Then again, if you’ve been celebrating various holidays every year for many years back, you still want to get him something special to remember this occasion by. Oh, the shopping predicaments!

5 Gift Ideas For Men to Surprise Him With_Pin


Gift Ideas For Men

Let’s get creative and go through a list of delightful gift ideas your man will absolutely adore. Hopefully, you’ll find this year’s shopping spree all the more exciting for it.

Bottle of Fine Cologne

Scent is an incredibly personal thing. For me, it’s how I remember some people. When I’m sitting in the car and smell my husband’s cologne on the seatbelt, I am teleported back to an intimate moment together. While for some, a strong masculine smell is the epitome of luxurious taste, for others the it’s the synthesis of sunny orange and spicy pepper mixed with woody patchouli that gets their senses going.

The point is, it’s important to pick a fragrance that works for your man. One that you feel can create memorable moments together that only you 2 can share.

For the super masculine type, try Rasasi Layuqawam Tobacco Blaze. The elegant yet edgy will likely enjoy the Bvlgari Man Wood Essence. While the contemporary classics will go for Terre D’Hermes by Hermes.

Timepiece He’ll Wear Everywhere

An absolute must-have for any man who has a unique style, a watch you can give him should be more than just an object. It should be as rugged and powerful as he is, and it should inspire him to elevate his outfits with it for any occasion. For example, a Voyager series Eclipse watch from MVMT speaks volumes of your appreciation of his style, and it serves as a perfect go-to, purposeful accessory. No matter his journey, it is ready to go anywhere with him.

Eclipse gold MVMT Watch for men

Look for a design that’s in line with his personality. Sleek and monochrome works for some men, while others like contrasting hues and a chunkier appearance. Some watches pair steel with wood for a unique texture, so you can get a perfectly sophisticated timepiece no matter what you choose.

Wallet to Make it Personal

Most men have very few accessories they’re proud of, and many like to keep their add-ons functional and purpose-driven. In case that describes your man, too, you can actually get him a personalized wallet as a birthday gift that will embody his sense of style, but serves a purpose, too.

Depending on his preferences, you can engrave his name, his initials, an inspirational quote, or even a whole picture in the wallet.

Santa-approved Beard Care Sets

Your loving grizzly bear cherishes his scruff, so you know that he takes meticulous care of it much like he does with his hair, teeth, and the rest of his hygiene. This is your opportunity to give him a beard-care set that will blow his mind! For starters, beard oils are a huge hit nowadays because they tame the toughest of beards, while other grooming essentials such as a comb and a pair of beard-friendly scissors are also a must.
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Man with beard sitting outdoors


It will give him a way to style his beard, take care of his facial hair, and not to mention the appealing fragrance that goes with these sets – you’ll end up loving it more than he does.

Gifts That Keeps on Giving

Finally, some gift ideas don’t necessarily fit into a box or come with a pretty bow. However, if your man is one focused on experiences rather than material possessions, you have the perfect chance to impress him with a unique gift card. For example, you can get him an annual subscription to his favourite science magazine, a year-long membership at the gym, or several months of cooking lessons if he’s a gourmet at heart.

All in all, your present doesn’t have to be limited to actual, physical gifts, so that you can take into account his interests and hobbies and provide him with something that will last well beyond that single, special occasion.

The Gist of it

There’s no need to be stuck for his birthday with your shopping list. You can start as early as you like. Pick a present that fits your man, and proceed to amaze him with your loving, thoughtful gesture.

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