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5 Affordable Vintage-inspired Diamond Carat Rings to Blow Her Away_Pin

5 Affordable Vintage-inspired Diamond Carat Rings

As you’re about to make your commitment to the person you love, the planning for the big announcement start to creep up. From photo shoot, to wedding planning, to ring sets are all things that need to be thought out and budgeted for. With so many diamond carat rings to choose from, picking the right one for your fiancé may be tedious.

5 Affordable Vintage-inspired Diamond Carat Rings to Blow Her Away_Pin


Affordable Diamond Carat Pieces

Options are endless and now you even have the lab-grown diamonds. How does even one know which will blow one’s partner? I hear you…for some, it may not matter much, but for those that it does, the cut, shape, size is very important. Ultimately you want something to impress her…or at least hope she will be reading this and give you the image of the ring she wants. If it won’t be that obvious, to help you pick the perfect ring, here is a list of affordable vintage-inspired diamond rings.

Art Deco Bands

An art deco wedding band in yellow or white gold are not only classic, but original. It is usually available at a very reasonable price. This kind of ring is best for a person who is looking for a simpler yet gorgeous wedding ring that pops. It has a design that sets it apart from the rest but also keeping it on the plain side. You can also order the ring depending on the sizes that can match with your fiancée wedding band.

Baguette Engagement Rings

A white gold baguette diamond band can easily blow your fiancé away. The ring is suitable for women who opt to have two rings right from the first day of their wedding. While others collect them to mark special occasions like the birth of their children, birthdays, and anniversaries throughout their relationship.
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18K white gold 0.81CT diamond and onyx ring

Stackable Rings

A 6.1/3 carat 14k gold round stackable swirl ring is one of the best options that have a lot of sparkles at an affordable price. It is the thickest option measuring 4.7 mm wide. Those brides who wear them they choose only to wear it when going for particular occasions. The most interesting fact about this ring is that it can stand alone and it can be noticed easily. It is made of over 35 round cuts of diamond, and you can order any size that you want. It is easily available in a most online jewellery store in Melbourne.

Diamond Wedding Bands

This ring has a unique design. The band features 0.73ct of sparkling diamonds and further enhanced by mill-grain detailing. While it surely looks like a vintage-inspired, it can also appear very contemporary and mix in well with other jewels and accessories.

Eternity Bands

The 18k gold round diamond eternity band is usually available in yellow gold. The diamonds cover the entire band. The good thing about the ring is that it can be worn on its own and still look stunning. That’s the option I went for given its ease and comfort as I tend to play with my rings. Save 55% OFF Site wide with the code GOLDS55
Diamond eternity rose gold wedding band

The Gist of it

These are the best affordable vintage rings that you can get for your fiancé. But when searching for an online jewelry store in Melbourne, it is essential to research to ensure that you get the original jewels.

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